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When this active mother of three woke up with pain and swelling in her leg, she knew something was wrong. See how an interventional DVT treatment helped give Susan her life back.

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ClearingTheClot.com is our patient education website that covers deep vein thrombosis (DVT) risk factors, symptoms and complications. The site features a doctor discussion guide and explanation of DVT treatments, including blood thinners, mechanical thrombectomy, thrombolytic therapy, anticoagulants and more.

Clearing the Clot Patient Guide

This guide gives patients an overview of DVT and their treatment options, including mechanical thrombectomy procedures, thrombolytic therapy, blood thinners and more.

Doctor Discussion Guide

This printable guide helps patients have more productive conversations with their doctors about DVT risk factors, complications and treatment options.

DVT Treatment Guide

The printable guide gives patients an overview of treatments for deep vein thrombosis, including mechanical thrombectomy, thrombolytic therapy, filters, blood thinners and compression socks.


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As part of our dedication to helping patients find a doctor
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Patient Facebook Community

We have several ongoing marketing campaigns across multiple channels
to help connect patients to our education initiatives, one of them is our
Facebook community. This community helps connect patients who have
been affected by DVT or know someone who has been affected.


Patient Stories

To help people on their journey with DVT, we’ve developed a series of
patient stories that share personal experiences of being diagnosed and treated for DVT.




Expert Panel Discussion on DVT

See what a panel of venous experts thinks about current interventional DVT treatments, how the field has evolved and the future of DVT therapies.



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